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The Male Consort of the Remarkable Woman

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School of Chinese Seminar

The Male Consort of the Remarkable Woman

Professor Keith McMahon 馬克夢教授


2015年6月4日(星期四) 下午4:00-5:30

The female immortal, the fox, the ghost, the woman warrior, these and other remarkable women are common character types in Pu Songling’sLiaozhai zhiyi. The woman they represent is brazen and willfully cool; she comes and goes as she wishes; she may educate the man and help him in times of crisis, if he deserves it; and when necessary she acts strictly, valiantly, and resolutely. The man, on the other hand, does not know where she comes from or how she became the way she is, but can only watch her, gain benefit when possible, and otherwise respect or commemorate her as if doing so will perhaps enable him to join her ranks. What does this reversal of the usual sexual order imply? In Pu Songling’s stories, she is the better focus than the man when it is a matter of symbolic and ontological crisis. She is the better representative of human subjectivity in its state of pure possibility.

馬克夢教授(Professor Keith McMahon, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Kansas)是中國研究的傑出學者,他在明清小說、中國性文化與性史、晚清社會與文學中的鴉片文化、中國瀕臨現代的性別文化結構、以及歷代宮廷中的后妃制度與性政治等方面的成就在學界有很高的聲譽和影響。馬克夢教授於1974年獲印第安納大學法語與比較文學系學士學位,1976年獲耶鲁大學東亞語言文化系碩士學位,1984年获普林斯頓大學東亞研究系博士學位。1976至1977年在台灣史丹福中心讀書,1979至1981年在上海复旦大學中文系進修,1984至1985年、1991年在北京大學訪學。從1984至今在堪萨斯大學東亞語言文化系任教,從1996至2008年任系主任。已出版四本關於明末至晚清小說的著作 Causality and Containment in Seventeenth-century Chinese Fiction (Brill, 1988), Misers, Shrews, and Polygamists: Sexuality and Male/Female Relations in Eighteenth-century Chinese Fiction (Duke, 1995), The Fall of the God of Money: Opium Smoking in Nineteenth-century China (Rowman and Littlefield, 2002), Polygamy and Sublime Passion: Sexuality in China in China on the Verge of Modernity (University of Hawaii Press, 2010), 其中第二本於2001年在北京東方出版社出版了中譯本《吝嗇鬼、潑婦、一夫多妻者》。最近專注於歷代皇帝與后妃的婚姻關係的研究,已於2013年出版第一冊 Women Shall Not Rule: Imperial Wives in China from Han to Liao (Rowman and Littlefield 2013)。

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