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Between Fact and Legend: Was Fu Kang-an the Illegitimate Son of Emperor Qianlong?

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2015-2016 School of Chinese Seminar

Between Fact and Legend:
Was Fu Kang’an the Illegitimate Son of Emperor Qianlong?

黃一農教授  Professor Huang Yi-Long
臺灣國立清華大學  National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Date and Time: October 29, 2015 (Thursday); 4:00-6:00 pm
Venue: Room 730, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
Language: Putonghua

講座摘要:Big Data時代的來臨正衝擊許多領域,本演講將透過具體案例,與大家分享e-時代的工具、發問的模式以及尋找答案的方法,如何提供我們突破的可能性。並以傅恒之子福康安(1754-1796)(連續劇「還珠格格」主角爾康的原型)是否為乾隆帝(愛新覺羅·弘曆,1711-1799)私生子此八卦議題為例,嘗試揭開此一世紀之謎,以突顯e-時代所可能產生的巨大衝擊與挑戰(即使對文科亦然),並與大家分享乾隆皇帝與孝賢皇后(富察氏,1727-1748)間最深切的愛情故事。

Abstract: Many research fields are being impacted in the Big Data era. Through some specific examples, I would share in the lecture on different electronic tools available in the e-Era, models for asking questions, and ways to find the answers, thus providing more opportunities for potential ground-breaking work. I will particularly look at the controversial subject on whether Fu Kang’an (1754-1796), son of Fuheng (1720-1770), could be the illegitimate son of Emperor Qianlong (1711-1799). By solving this century-long puzzle, I would highlight the great impacts and challenges of the e-Era (even to the humanity studies), and share the touching love story between Emperor Qianlong and Empress Xiaoxian (Fucha clan, 1727-1748).


About the Speaker: Professor Huang Yi-Long, Academician of the Academia Sinica (Taiwan), teaches in the Institute of History, National Tsing Hua University. He received his PhD degree in Astronomy from Columbia University. He has devoted himself to historical studies since 1987, and his research covers history of sciences, Sino-Western cultural exchanges in history, history of late Ming and early Qing, history of divination, military history, maritime history, etc. His major publications include Two-head Snakes: The First Generations of Chinese Christian Converts in the Late Ming and Early Qing Period, The Duet: A Dialogue between Redology and Qing History, etc.

All are Welcome

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