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All the Worlds of the Cosmos Are But a Single Flower: Wang Wei’s Buddhist Poetics in His Own Words

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2015-2016 School of Chinese Seminar

All the Worlds of the Cosmos Are But a Single Flower:
Wang Wei’s Buddhist Poetics in His Own Words

魏寧博士 Dr. Nicholas Morrow WILLIAMS

香港浸會大學 Hong Kong Baptist University

Date: Thursday, November 26, 2015
Time: 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Room 730, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus
Language: Putonghua

講座摘要 當代學術界早就認識到佛教思想與唐詩的緊密關係,但佛教到底從何時、以何種形式影響到唐詩等問題還值得探討。連王維(701–761)也不例外:傳統詩話及文學批評通常會運用禪宗的頓悟概念闡釋王維的詩歌,但近年的佛教史研究的共識是,禪宗的基本思想在八世紀中葉前還沒有形成。在西方漢學家看來,王維是一位沒有宗教色彩的、純粹的宮廷詩人,這種看法卻又嫌太膚淺。本文針對這兩種研究方向的缺點,嘗試從王維本人的佛教論說出發,集中探討其偉大作品〈能禪師碑〉,進行更為符合歷史事實的研究。此種探討對唐詩的闡釋會有深遠的意義。

Abstract The relevance of Buddhist thought to Tang poetics has long been recognized in modern scholarship, but the precise nature and scope of that relevance have remained murky. In traditional Chinese literary criticism, it was customary to read Wang Wei’s (701–761) poetry through the lens of certain concepts from Chan Buddhism. But the historical research of recent decades has shown that the fundamental doctrines of Chan Buddhism had not yet been elaborated in Wang Wei’s lifetime. On the other hand, though, the attempts of modern scholars to read Wang Wei as merely a conventional court poet are frustratingly superficial. A historically sound appraisal of Wang Wei’s Buddhist poetics is feasible, though, if we take into account his numerous doctrinal writings, in particular his remarkable stele inscription for the Sixth Patriarch of Chan, Huineng (638–713). This investigation has profound implications for the reading of Tang poetry in general.

講者簡介 魏寧現任香港浸會大學饒宗頤國學院助理教授。研究範圍包括:中古詩歌與辭賦、佛教與文學、和日本漢文學。其近著包括專書《自我的模仿:江淹與中國詩學》(布裏爾學術出版社,2015年),合編論文集《文化南方與中古詩歌》(香港大學出版社,2015年)等。

About the Speaker Nicholas Morrow Williams is assistant professor in the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology at Hong Kong Baptist University. His recent publications include the monograph Imitations of the Self: Jiang Yan and Chinese Poetics (Brill, 2015), and the coedited volume Southern Identity and Southern Estrangement in Medieval Chinese Poetry (HKU Press, 2015).

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