Dr. HO Wai Chi Vichy 何偉幟博士

  • Senior Lecturer
  • BA (HK), M.Phil. (HK), PhD (HK)
  • 852-39177929
  • 852-28574477
  • Rm 723, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
  • vichyho@hku.hk


Dr. Ho joined the University of Hong Kong in 2000. He is the course co-ordinator of three language courses. He published nine books in the past thirteen years. Whilst three of them were related to historical studies, and the rest were concerning his teaching such as linguistic tactics, writing skills, debating skills and communication on the internet.

Besides, Dr. Ho frequently travels to mainland China for public talks. In 2010, he visited 9 mainland cities and given 22 public lectures in 14 universities. In addition to knowledge exchange, he introduced the teaching and learning mode of the University to the university students in mainland China. In 2012, Dr. Ho was appointed as adjunct professor, Faculty of History and Culture, the Hubei University.


  • 2012 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award, Faulty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong

代表性著述 Selected Publications:

  • 2013 Presentation like Steve Jobs《跟喬布斯學PowerPoint演說:個人及小組簡報演講策略》,Wan Li Book Co.
  • 2009 Ming Shu and Fu Wei-lun (?-1667)《〈明書〉與傅維鱗》,Wuhan: Chongwen Publishing Co.
  • 2008 The Last Chinese Homework《最後一份功課:不只是學生作品集》,Next Publications Ltd.
  • 2007 10A is Nothing: Learning how to learn《與10A狀元談讀書》,Next Publications Ltd.
  • 2006 To Debate……or not to Debate《辯論不是甚麼》,SCMP Book Publishing Limited
  • 2005 Network Communication 101: Writing Effective Email 《網路溝通101》,SCMP Book Publishing Limited
  • 2004 Strategic Language Use in Job Searching, Interviews and Probation《上班前後100天》,SCMP Book Publishing Limited
  • 2002 Eunuch Politics in Early Ming China (Revised Edition)《明初的宦官政治》(增訂版),Mans’ Book Co. Ltd.
  • 2000 Eunuch Politics in Early Ming China《明初的宦官政治》,Silkroad Co. Ltd.