External Projects

Titles Project Holder Start Date Completion Date
The General History of Ci-Fu in the Tang Dynasty Zhan, Hanglun, Dr 2010/10/01 2014/03/31
Mediations of Expression:  How “Exemplary Women” Wrote Their Emotions in 18th-and-19th-Century China Yang, Binbin, Dr 2011/10/01 2014/09/30
Pornography and the origins of early Chinese modernity in the late Ming, 1522-1680. Wu, Cuncun, Prof 2012/01/01 2014/12/31
A Contrastive Analysis of the Language between Shijing and Bronze Inscriptions of the Pre-qin Period Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2012/01/01 2014/06/30
Selfhood and Authenticity in the Xunzi Tang, Siu Fu, Dr 2013/01/01 2015/12/31
Foreignness, Monstrosity, and the Formation of Chinese Cultural Identity during the Song Dynasty Yue, Isaac Man Cheung, Dr 2013/01/01 2015/12/31
Imperial Patronage and Transfer of Islamic Astronomical- astrological knowledge in Ming China (1368-1644) Fung, Kam Wing, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Virtue, Miracle, and Faith: Remodeling the Virgin Mary in 17th-century China Song, Gang, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
A Study of Fengyu Fu of Ancient China, Korea and Japan Zhan, Hanglun, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Cultural Identity and Political Collaboration under Alien Rule: Reorientation of Han Chinese Scholar-officials in the Ming-Qing Dynastic Transition Chan, Wing Ming, Dr 2014/01/01 2016/12/31
兩周金文銘辭文例研究 Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2014/01/01 2015/12/31
Envisioning Modernity: Popular Culture and Chinese-language Literature from Taiwan under Japanese Rule Lin, Pei-yin, Dr 2016/01/01 2017/12/31
Untitled: On the Cultural Translatability of Li Shangyin’s Poetry Klein, Lucas, Dr 2016/01/01 2018/12/31
Mediations of Expression: How Exemplary Women Wrote Their Emotions in 18th-and-19th-Century China. Funding awarded: HK$347,265.00. Yang, Binbin, Dr 2011/01/01 2015/12/31
Money, Culture, and Social Ascendancy: Learned Women in Mercantile Lineages from Huizhou, 1700-1850. Funding awarded: HK$ 288,000.00. Yang, Binbin, Dr 2015/01/01 2016/12/31
The Literary and Cultural Significance of Cantonese Branch of Nanshe in Modern Context Yeung, Yuk Fung, Dr 2015/01/01 2016/12/31
Masculinities in Chinese Television: Mediating National and Global Identities, HK$327,000 Song, Geng, Dr 2016/06/30 2018/12/31
《尚書》與金文文獻語言的比較研究 (A Comparative Study of the Language of Shangshu and Bronze Inscriptions), HKD$164,998 Tang, Pui Ling, Dr 2016/06/30 2018/06/30
A Vulgar Half-Century: Urban Commoners and the Production of Early Seventeenth-Century Popular Pornography in the Lower Yangtze Delta, HKD$ 373,999 Wu, Cuncun, Prof 2016/06/30 2019/06/30
Titles Project Holder Fund Source Start Date Completion Date
Provision of Services for Compilation of a Monograph on History and Development of Water Quality Monitoring and Protection in Hong Kong Fung, Kam Wing, Dr HKSAR Government 2010/10/01 2013/09/30
To compile a Complementary Version of the History of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, 1950-1975 Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 2012/08/01 2012/12/31
To compile a Study Report on the History of the Engineering Profession and the Development of Related Association(s) or Institution(s) of the Profession, 1842-1950 Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Hong Kong Institution of Engineers 2011/08/01 2012/09/30
Teaching Legal Interpretation with Authentic Court Data Ng, Eva Nga Shan, Dr Leung Kau Kui Research Fund 2009/05/11 2010/03/10
QEF – A Survey on Humanities Education: Traditional Culture in Hong Kong as a Typical Case Si, Chung Mou, Dr QEF 2011/05/01 2013/10/31
QEF – An Experimental Study on Incorporating Chinese Culture into Chinese Language for Junior Primary Schools in Hong Kong Si, Chung Mou, Dr QEF 2009/09/01 2011/10/31
The First International Conference on Teaching Chinese As a Foreign Language Si, Chung Mou, Dr Sir Kenneth Fung Ping Fan Foundation Trust 2013/07/01 2014/06/30
Cantonese Pronunciation Project Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor Chan Wing Kan Trustee Incorporated 2010/09/13 2012/12/31
Dr. Patrick P.C. Tong Chinese Research Fund Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor Dr. Patrick P.C. Tong 2010/07/16 2014/06/30
HKU Culture and Humanities Fund- A Publication on Lo Hong-lit Sin, Chow Yiu, Professor HKU Culture and Humanities Fund 2008/08/19 2010/06/30
Publish Catalogues of the Major Works of the Wuming Group Wang, Aihe, Dr The Asia Foundation ( Give2Asia ) 2008/12/01 2010/12/31
“Asian Community and Traditional Literary Relationship between China, Japan and Korea” Zhan, Hanglun, Dr One Asia Foundation 2013/09/19 2014/08/31
Peking Opera, Epitheatre and Writing in Nineteenth Century Beijing WU, Cuncun, Prof Australian Research Council 2011/01/01 2013/12/31
Pornography, Urban Commoners, and Early Chinese Modernity in Late Ming Society WU, Cuncun, Prof Harvard-Yenching Institute 2014/08/15 2015/05/31
Negotiating Colonialism: Taiwan Literature under Japanese Rule Lin, Pei-yin, Dr HKU Small Project Funding 2014/05/01 2016/04/30
Popular Literature and Culture of Colonial Taiwan Lin, Pei-yin, Dr Harvard-Yenching Institute 2015/09/01 2016/06/30
External Fund (HK$175,000) for the Research Project entitled “Jing Jiao Studies” Fung, Kam Wing, Dr Research Project January 2016 Present
Antiquities & Monuments Office, HKSAR Government (HK$260,000) for the Research Project entitled “Study on Historic Constructions in Hong Kong” Fung, Kam Wing, Dr HKSAR Government January 2016 Present
Harvard Yenching workshop grant (USD10,000) in January 2016 for her planned workshop entitled “Trans-literary Experiments: Cultural Transformation and Social Change in Modern East Asian Societies” to be held at Harvard University on April 29, 2016. Lin, Pei-yin, Dr Harvard Yenching workshop grant January 2016 Present