2019-2020 Handbook

Last Updated: 2019/08/30



  • 由於簽證手續的延遲,劉俊教授未能如期到港,課程將延後上課。如有最新消息,將會立即通知同學。
  • 劉教授赴港後將會落實補課安排,屆時再通知同學。
  • 課程的教學大綱已上載至Moodle,供同學參考。


Last updated: 2019/09/24

通告 一

  • The course teacher of CHIN2130 “Modern Chinese literature (1917-1949): fiction” has been changed to Dr Zheng Lei.
  • Due to unforeseen reason, we have just been informed by Prof Shu-mei Shih that CHIN2155 “Topical studies of Sinophone literature” and CHIN2156 “Topical studies of literary theory” in semester one will have to be cancelled. We will make efforts to offer new course(s) on modern Chinese literature in semester two. New arrangements will be announced in due course. We apologize for any inconvenience it might cause.

Last updated: 2019/08/30