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Other Programs - Putunghua & Cantonese


Commissioned and Staff language courses


Putonghua for Foreign Learners I

This course aims at providing expatriates with an opportunity to learn everyday spoken Putonghua in their spare time. It is suitable for those who do not speak Putonghua andfor those who wish to travel or work in China.
This course will begin with training in pronunciation and tones and in basic sentence patterns for dialogues. Students will be encouraged to use Putonghua during class. They will be required to actively participate in classroom activities, such as making dialogues with partners, speaking in a given situation, engaging in short conversations on a given topic, and joining group discussions. Topics will include ways of describing oneself, telling time, making appointments, making phone calls, ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, and asking for information.


Putonghua for Foreign Learners II

This course aims at providing expatriates with an opportunity to learn everyday spoken Putonghua in their spare time. It is suitable for expatriates who have studied Putonghua andcan carry very basic conversations in Putonghua.
This course will feature basic conversations on everyday topics and will gradually move on to the various ways of making appointments, ordering food, asking for information and asking for directions. Students are required to actively participate in classroom activities.


Cantonese Course for Graduate School Students

A great variety of dialogues, exercises and activities are designed according to authentic situations in Hong Kong so as to develop the students to be able to express their ideas and speak in full sentences.


Staff Language Courses

(a) Subsidized Courses in Chinese (for University Staff and their Spouses)
Course Code
Course Title
No. of Hours
Beginner's Cantonese


Beginner's Putonghua for Speakers of Cantonese
Advanced Putonghua for Speakers of Cantonese
Beginner's Putonghua for Non-Cantonese Speakers
Course Content
The emphasis of each course is on the spoken language, in particular daily conversations. The Yale System and the Hanyu Pinyin System are used for the romanization of Cantonese and Putonghua respectively.
A University subsidy has made it possible to keep the fee down to $1,800 per person for each course. The fee chargeable will be deducted from the successful applicant’s payroll account after the second lesson. Tuition fees, once paid, are not refundable.
The 20 places for each course will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Any course with an enrollment of less than 10 will be cancelled.
If, for any reason, you wish to withdraw from the course, you should notify the Head of the Chinese Department in writing as soon as possible.


Individual or Small Group Tuition (for University Staff and their Spouses)

Schedule of Fees  


Individual Tuition $500.00


Classes of 2 students $250.00 per session (50 minutes)
Classes of 3 students $167.00 per student
Classes of 4 or more students $125.00  
For many years the University has subsidized part-time tuition by charging members of staff at half the indicated rate. Since 1996-97, the University has provided an annual fixed sum of money as subsidy for the Chinese Language Division to operate under the half-rate scheme. Under this scheme, members of staff enjoy the half-rate for their tuition as long as the subsidy balance is in the black; but once the subsidy is exhausted, members of staff will be charged the full rate thereafter should they wish to continue. It should be noted that staff's spouses are required to pay the full rate.


Free Places for Instruction in Cantonese (for University Staff)

The University annually provides 12 “Free Places" for members of staff who wish to learn Cantonese or to improve their Cantonese proficiency.
The subsidy covers free individual tuition for 24 sessions (50 minutes each) per student for each academic year. It is important to note that any additional session will be charged the full rate of $500 per session.

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