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造神與解構:1918年以來魯迅形象在中国的構建 Making and Remaking of Lu Xun’s Image in China since 1918


2021/22 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



Making and Remaking of Lu Xun’s Image in China since 1918 


Speaker: Miss ZHEN Feijie

Date & Time: May 13, 2022 (Fri) 5:30-6:45pm

Language: English & Putonghua

Mode of Delivery: 100% Online (via Zoom)


Zoom Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 917 7167 4507

Password: 963435





Lu Xun is widely recognized as one of the greatest modern writers in China, but his image is not unchangeable. This seminar focuses on the evolution of Lu Xun’s image from 1918 to the present. In addition to examining how Lu Xun’s image had evolved over time from when he was alive to his death, this talk also hopes to investigate the relationship between Lu Xun’s image and the dramatic transformation of Chinese society, thus obtaining a deep understanding of the complex process of Lu Xun’s thoughts and literary creation, and then shed light on the exploration of changing roles of intellectuals against radical social uncertainties in China.




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