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The following research postgraduate students of our School are tutors or part-time demonstrators in Academic Year 2022-2023:

Ms. CAO Murong April 曹慕容女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. CHEN Liangliang & Prof. WU Cuncun
Classical Philology, Contemporary Chinese Literature

Course Taught: CHIN1126 (Sem 1); CHIN2179 (Sem 2)

Ms. CHEN Xi Sibyl 陳希女士

BA (EdUHK), MA (CUHK), PhD student
Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS & Dr. ZHAO Ming
Chinese Linguistics

Course Taught: CHIN1123 (Sem 2)

Ms. CHEN Ziyue April 陳子悅女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Prof. WU Cuncun
Gender Studies, Ming-Qing Studies

Course Taught: CHIN2125 (Sem 1)

Mr. CHU Ka Hang Kevin 朱家恒先生

BA (HKU), MPhil (HKU), PhD student
Dr. YEUNG Man Shun
Historiography, History Education

Course Taught: CHIN1203, CHIN1215, CHIN2256 & CHIN2264 (Sem 2)

Ms. CHUI Hoi Lam 崔凱琳女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. TANG Pui Ling
Chinese Language and Literature

Course Taught: CHIN1116 (Sem 1); CHIN2170 (Sem 2)

Ms. FANG Wenxin 方文昕女士

BA (XJTU), MA (SCU), PhD student
Dr. TANG Pui Ling
Classical Philology, Early China, Excavated Texts

Course Taught: CHIN1116 (Sem 1); CHIN1117 (Sem 2)