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Current RPg Tutors & Demonstrators

Research Fields

The following research postgraduate students of our School are tutors or part-time demonstrators in Academic Year 2023-2024:

Ms. CHU Hoi Yan 朱凱欣女士

BSS (HKU), MPhil (HKU), PhD student
Dr. LIN Pei-yin & Prof. Chris BERRY (KCL)
Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

Course Taught: CHIN2132 (Sem 1); CHIN2153/HKGS2019 (Sem 2)

Ms. FANG Wenxin 方文昕女士

BA (XJTU), MA (SCU), PhD student
Dr. TANG Pui Ling
Classical Philology, Early China, Excavated Texts

Course Taught: CHIN1116 & CHIN1117 (Sem 1)

Ms. FENG Fanxi 馮凡希女士

BJ (RUC), MA (Duke), PhD student
Dr. SONG Geng
Chinese Media, Gender Studies, Popular Culture

Course Taught: CHIN1311 (Sem 1 & Sem 2)

Ms. GAO Xiaowei 高小偉女士

BA (BNU), MA (Durham), PhD student
Dr. WANG Dingkun & Dr. SONG Geng
Audiovisual Translation

Course Taught: CHIN2369 (Sem 1); CHIN2348 (Sem 2)

Ms. HAN Xuehong 韓雪弘女士

BA (BNU), MA (BNU), PhD student
Prof. Olivia MILBURN
Ancient Chinese Literature

Course Taught: CHIN2125 (Sem 1); CHIN2186 (Sem 2)

Ms. HUANG Jingjing 黃晶晶女士

BA (XJTU), MPhil (SCU), PhD student
Dr. WEI Yan & Dr. LIN Pei-yin
Gender and Family Studies, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Northeast Literature, Yan'an Literature

Course Taught: CHIN1119 (Sem 2)