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The following research postgraduate students of our School are tutors or part-time demonstrators in Academic Year 2021-2022:

Ms. CAO Murong April 曹慕容女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. CHEN Liangliang & Prof. WU Cuncun
Classical Philology, Contemporary Chinese Literature

Course Taught: CHIN1234, CHIN2345

Mr. CASTRO Jason 嘉柏權先生

BA (HKU), MA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. YEUNG Man Shun & Dr. CHAN Wing Ming
Ming-Qing Transaction, Ryukyu Studies, Sino-Japanese and Ryukyu Diplomatic Relations

Mr. CHAN Chok Meng Travis 陳竹茗先生

BA (HKBU), MPhil (HKU), PhD student
Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS & Dr. Nicholas Morrow WILLIAMS

Ms. CHEN Ziyue April 陳子悅女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Prof. WU Cuncun
Gender Studies, Ming-Qing Studies

Mr. CHU Ka Hang Kevin 朱家恒先生

BA (HKU), MPhil (HKU), PhD student
Dr. YEUNG Man Shun
Historiography, History Education

Ms. CHUI Hoi Lam 崔凱琳女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. TANG Pui Ling