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2023-2024 Full Handbook


Last Updated: August 2023


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**CHIN2168 will not be offered in 2023-24**

Content of Handbook
Course Name
Course NameA組
Course Name
Course NameCHIN1103
中國現代文學導讀 Introduction to standard works in modern Chinese literature
Course NameCHIN1107
創意與創作 Creative writing
Course NameCHIN1109
中國婦女文學 Introduction to Chinese women’s literature
Course NameCHIN1115
經學與現代社會 Study of the Confucian canons and modern society
Course NameCHIN1116
現代漢語通論 General introduction to modern Chinese language
Course NameCHIN1117
古代漢語導論 General introduction to classical Chinese language
Course NameCHIN1118
中國古典文學導論 Introduction to classical Chinese literature
Course NameCHIN1119
文學概論 Introduction to literary studies
Course NameCHIN1120
全球視野下的中國文學 Global approaches to Chinese literature
Course NameCHIN1121 / HKGS1002
中國當代文學導論 Introduction to contemporary Chinese literature
Course NameCHIN1122
二十世紀華文文學 Chinese literature in the twentieth century
Course NameCHIN1123
官話演進史 The Story of Mandarin
Course NameCHIN1124
漢語方言和社會語言學 Chinese Dialects and Sociolinguistics
Course NameCHIN1125
現代中國文學思潮 Trends of Modern Chinese Literary Thoughts
Course NameCHIN1126
中國古代通俗文學導論 Introduction to classical Chinese popular literature
Course NameCHIN1127
漢語語言學導論 A comprehensive survey of Chinese linguistics
Course NameCHIN2121
歷代散文 Prose up to the nineteenth century
Course NameCHIN2123
歷代詩 Shi poetry up to the nineteenth century
Course NameCHIN2125
歷代詞 Ci poetry up to the nineteenth century
Course NameCHIN2127
中國古典小說 Classical Chinese fiction
Course Name
Course NameCHIN2122
專家散文 Prose: selected writers
Course NameCHIN2124
專家詩 Shi poetry: selected writers
Course NameCHIN2126
專家詞 Ci poetry: selected writers
Course NameCHIN2130 / HKGS2018
中國現代文學(1917-1949):小說 Modern Chinese literature ( 1917-1949 ) : fiction
Course NameCHIN2132
中國當代文學:小說 Contemporary Chinese literature ( since 1949 ) : fiction
Course NameCHIN2136
中國古代文學批評 Classical Chinese literary criticism
Course NameCHIN2138
文字學 Chinese etymology
Course NameCHIN2139
聲韻學 Chinese phonology
Course NameCHIN2145
元明清戲曲 Chinese theatre during the Yuan, Ming, and Qing periods
Course NameCHIN2146
“病美人”:明清文學中的性別與疾病 The “sickly beauties”: gender and illness in late imperial China
Course NameCHIN2147
古籍研讀 Reading of classical Chinese texts
Course NameCHIN2149
社會視角下的中國語文 Chinese language from social perspectives
Course NameCHIN2151
男男女女:明清小說與明清時期的性與性別問題 Gender and sexuality in Ming and Qing fiction
Course NameCHIN2152
20 世紀中國文學,現代性與國族 Literature, modernity and nation in twentieth-century China
Course NameCHIN2153 / HKGS2019
華語語系文學與電影 Sinophone literature and film
Course NameCHIN2154
台灣文學專題:日治時期到 90 年代 Taiwan literature from the Japanese colonial period to the 1990s
Course NameCHIN2159
中國文獻學 Chinese documentation
Course NameCHIN2162 / HKGS2020
粵語語言學 Cantonese linguistics
Course NameCHIN2164
《論語》與中國文化 The Analects and Chinese culture
Course NameCHIN2168
現代漢語語法 Modern Chinese grammar
Course NameCHIN2169
現代漢語修辭 Modern Chinese rhetoric
Course NameCHIN2170
《左傳》導讀 Study of Zuo Zhuan
Course NameCHIN2172 / HKGS2014
香港文學 Hong Kong literature
Course NameCHIN2173
中國古典小說專題研究 Topical studies of classical Chinese fiction
Course NameCHIN2174
近代文學 Literature in Late Qing and Early Republican China
Course NameCHIN2175
歷史比較語言學和漢語方言研究 Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Chinese Dialectology
Course NameCHIN2176
中國兒童文學 Chinese children’s literature
Course NameCHIN2177
詞彙學 Chinese lexicology
Course NameCHIN2178
中國現代文學專題研究 Topical studies of Modern Chinese Literature
Course NameCHIN2179
古代通俗文學專題研究 Topical studies of classical Chinese popular literature
Course NameCHIN2180
中國古典文學專題研究 Topical studies of classical Chinese literature
Course NameCHIN2181
古代詩歌專題 Selected topics in shi poetry
Course NameCHIN2183 / HKGS2008
香港粵語流行歌詞概論 Introduction to Hong Kong Cantopop lyrics
Course NameCHIN2184 / HKGS2015
從大眾媒體看香港 Understanding Hong Kong through mass media
Course NameCHIN2185 / HKGS2016
鬼魅香港:異世格局 Ghostly Hong Kong: Otherworldly configurations
Course NameCHIN2186
中國古代僞書 Forged Texts in Traditional China
Course NameCHIN2187
權力之語言:貴族在中國文學中的形象 The Language of Power: Representations of Elites in Ancient Chinese Literature
Course NameCHIN2188
近代漢語研究 Chinese lexicon and grammar from late Tang to early Qing
Course Name
Course NameCHIN4101
中國語言文學專題研究 Topical research in Chinese language and literature
Course Name
Course NameB組
Course Name
Course NameCHIN1201
中國歷史專題 Topical studies of Chinese history
Course NameCHIN1202
中國史學概論 An introduction to the study of Chinese history
Course NameCHIN1203
二十世紀中國歷史及文化 Chinese history and culture in the twentieth century
Course NameCHIN1205
中國歷史概略 Chinese history: a general survey
Course NameCHIN1206
中國思想概論 Introduction to Chinese thought
Course NameCHIN1207
傳統中國文化 Traditional Chinese culture
Course NameCHIN1211
中國歷代經濟與社會發展 Economic and social development in China
Course NameCHIN1212
中國通史 History of imperial China
Course NameCHIN1213
民俗學與現代中國文化 Folklore and modern Chinese culture
Course NameCHIN1214
中西方文化比較 Chinese and western cultures: a comparative study
Course NameCHIN1215
帝制中國宗教史 History of Religions in Imperial China
Course NameCHIN2231
中國道教及民間宗教史 Religious Daoism and popular religions in China
Course NameCHIN2241
中國民族文化史 History of Chinese civilization
Course Name
Course NameCHIN2221
秦漢史 History of the Qin and Han periods
Course NameCHIN2222
魏晉南北朝史 History of the Wei, Jin and the Northern-and-Southern periods
Course NameCHIN2223
隋唐史 History of the Sui and Tang periods
Course NameCHIN2224
宋遼金元史 History of the Song and Yuan periods
Course NameCHIN2225
明史 History of the Ming period
Course NameCHIN2226
清史 History of the Qing period
Course NameCHIN2233
中國法制史 History of the Chinese legal system
Course NameCHIN2234
中國政制史 History of Chinese political institutions
Course NameCHIN2235
中國歷史研究的材料、工具與方法 Sources and methodology
Course NameCHIN2243
中國科技史 History of Chinese science and civilization
Course NameCHIN2245
中國考試史 History of Chinese examination system
Course NameCHIN2246
史學名著:《史記》 Historical writings: texts and styles
Course NameCHIN2251
中國哲學Ⅰ:儒家思想 Chinese philosophy I : Confucianism
Course NameCHIN2252
中國哲學Ⅱ:道家思想 Chinese philosophy II : Daoism
Course NameCHIN2253
中國哲學Ⅲ:佛家思想 Chinese philosophy III : Buddhism
Course NameCHIN2254
基督宗教與中國文化 Christianity and Chinese culture
Course NameCHIN2255
中國學術思想史Ⅰ(秦漢至隋唐) Chinese intellectual history(Part I)
Course NameCHIN2256
中國學術思想史Ⅱ(宋代至清代) Chinese intellectual history(Part II)
Course NameCHIN2259
中國史學史 History of Chinese historiography
Course NameCHIN2264
中國性文化史 Chinese eroticism
Course NameCHIN2266
歷史教育與中國文化 History education and Chinese culture
Course NameCHIN2268
中西文化交流史 History of China-West cultural exchanges
Course NameCHIN2269
明清易代史 History of the Ming-Qing transition
Course NameCHIN2272
中國學校教育史 School education in Chinese history
Course NameCHIN2273
中國社會經濟史 Socio-economic history of China
Course NameCHIN2274
中國物質文明史 History of material culture
Course NameCHIN2275
中國花卉文化史 The culture of flower in China
Course NameCHIN2276
古代絲綢之路上的宗教 Religions on the Silk Road in ancient times
Course NameCHIN2278
中國旅遊與經濟史 Travel and economic development in Chinese history
Course NameCHIN2280
中國出版文化史 Publishing and culture in Chinese history
Course NameCHIN2281
明清時代中國南部的區域發展與地方社會 Regional development and local societies in south China in the Ming-Qing period
Course NameCHIN2283
帝制中國與世界 Imperial China and the World
Course NameCHIN2284 / HKGS2001
言說香港:全球聲音 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices
Course NameCHIN2285 /HKGS2013
法律、歷史與文化 Law, history and culture
Course NameCHIN2286上學期
傳統中國的社會與文化專題研究:中國音樂文化 Special Topics in the Society and Culture of Traditional China (Music in Chinese culture)
Course NameCHIN2286下學期
傳統中國的社會與文化專題研究 Special Topics in the Society and Culture of Traditional China
Course NameCHIN2287
傳統中國的國政與治術專題 Special Topics on Statecraft and Rulership in Traditional China
Course NameCHIN2291
文獻整理、歷史研究與知識共享 Document Collation, Historical Studies and Knowledge Sharing
Course Name
Course NameCHIN3221
中國歷史文化專題研究 Thematic study in Chinese history and culture
Course Name
Course NameC組
Course Name
Course NameCHIN1311
翻譯入門 Introduction to translation
Course NameCHIN2336
口譯工作坊Ⅰ Interpretation workshop I
Course NameCHIN2361
翻譯工作坊(英譯中) Translation workshop E – C
Course NameCHIN2362
翻譯工作坊(中譯英) Translation workshop C – E
Course NameCHIN2333
文化與翻譯 Culture and translation
Course NameCHIN2352
語文研究 I Language contrast and translation I
Course NameCHIN2364
翻譯視角下的雙語語境與法律 Bilingualism and Law: Perspectives from translation
Course NameCHIN2368
翻譯與社交媒體 Translation and Social Media
Course NameCHIN2369
字幕翻譯:概念、方法與科技 Subtitling: Concepts, Methods and Technology
Course NameCHIN2370
翻譯原理 Principles of Translation
Course NameCHIN2371
香港的翻譯現象 Translation as a Hong Kong Phenomenon
Course Name
Course NameCHIN2331
翻譯之遣詞用字 Choice of words in translation
Course NameCHIN2365
應用翻譯研究 Applied translation studies
Course NameCHIN2351
譯文評析 Translation criticism
Course NameCHIN2332 / HKGS2021
香港翻譯實務 Translation in Hong Kong society
Course NameCHIN2339
行政及商務文件翻譯 Translation for administration and business
Course NameCHIN2340
電影翻譯工作坊 Film translation workshop
Course NameCHIN2341
藝評文章的翻譯 Translating writings on art
Course NameCHIN2342
口譯工作坊Ⅱ Interpretation workshop II
Course NameCHIN2343
法律口譯 Legal interpreting
Course NameCHIN2344
短篇小說翻譯 Short stories: East and West
Course NameCHIN2346
劇本翻譯工作坊 From page to stage: A workshop on drama adaptation and translation
Course NameCHIN2348
媒體與流行文化雙語研究 Bilingual studies in media and popular culture
Course NameCHIN2357
雙語傳意與翻譯 Bilingual communication in translation
Course NameCHIN2358
東遊記: 翻譯與中國在西方文學中的想像 Journeys to the East: Translation and China in the Literary Imagination of the West
Course NameCHIN2363
高級翻譯工作坊(中譯英) Advanced Translation Workshop C – E
Course NameCHIN2367
高級翻譯工作坊(英譯中) Advanced Translation Workshop E – C
Course NameCHIN3312
旅遊、文學、翻譯 Travel writing, literature, and translation
Course Name
Course NameCHIN2320
長篇翻譯 Long translation
Course Name
Course NameD組
Course Name
Course NameHKGS1001
香港:悠長的二十世紀 Hong Kong’s long twentieth century
Course NameHKGS1002 / CHIN1121
中國當代文學導論 Introduction to contemporary Chinese literature
Course Name
Course NameHKGS2001 / CHIN2284
言說香港:全球聲音 Speaking of Hong Kong: Global voices
Course NameHKGS2002
本土、國族和全球語境下的香港人身份 Hong Kong identities in local, national and global contexts
Course NameHKGS2004
香港的經濟增長:現代化和國際化的奇蹟 Hong Kong’s economic growth: a modernisation and internationalisation miracle
Course NameHKGS2005
香港信仰體系和宗教習俗人類學 An anthropology of Hong Kong’s belief systems and religious practices
Course NameHKGS2006
性別香港:社會學及人口統計學的觀點 Engendering Hong Kong: sociological and demographic perspectives
Course NameHKGS2007
地理的挑戰:香港社會與「地少人多」 Geographic Challenges: the ‘space premium’ and Hong Kong society
Course NameHKGS2008 / CHIN2183
香港粵語流行歌詞概論 Introduction to Hong Kong Cantopop lyrics
Course NameHKGS2009
「人如其食」:香港飲食文化 We are what we eat: Hong Kong food and foodways
Course NameHKGS2011
香港:誰的城市? Hong Kong: Whose city is it?
Course NameHKGS2012
香港消費文化符碼 Shop till you drop: the symbols of consumer culture in Hong Kong
Course NameHKGS2013 / CHIN2285
法律、歷史與文化 Law, history and culture
Course NameHKGS2014 / CHIN2172
香港文學 Hong Kong literature
Course NameHKGS2015 / CHIN2184
從大眾媒體看香港 Understanding Hong Kong through mass media
Course NameHKGS2016 / CHIN2185
鬼魅香港:異世格局 Ghostly Hong Kong: Otherworldly configurations
Course NameHKGS2017
後殖民研究:香港的案例 Postcolonial Studies: the case of Hong Kong
Course NameHKGS2018 / CHIN2130
中國現代文學(1917-1949):小說 Modern Chinese literature ( 1917-1949 ) : fiction
Course NameHKGS2019 / CHIN2153
華語語系文學與電影 Sinophone literature and film
Course NameHKGS2020 / CHIN2162
粵語語言學 Cantonese linguistics
Course NameHKGS2021 / CHIN2332
香港翻譯實務 Translation in Hong Kong society
Course Name
Course NameHKGS3001
香港研究課程專題研究 Hong Kong Studies research project
Course Name
Course NameBA&BED
文學⼠及教育學⼠(語文教育)—— 中文