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Timetables for BA courses

Year 2021-2022


1st Semester timetable

2nd Semester timetable


Last updated: 2022/01/18

Timetables for MACLL


Refer to Handbook


1st Semester timetable


Last updated: 2019/09/02

Timetables for MACHS


2020-21(year 1)
1st & 2nd Semester timetable


2020-21(year 2)
1st Semester timetable


Last updated: 2021/02/18

Timetables for CLEP


Chinese Language Enhancement Programme Telephone: 3917 1077

Click here for the homepage of CLEP


For an updated version of the CLEP timetable, please contact Ms. Winnie Ng via email at or by phone on 3917 1077. Thank you.


Last Update: 2014/10/13

Timetables for CLC


Chinese Language Centre (for Putonghua and Cantonese courses) Telephone: 3917 2048, 3917 8938

Click here for the homepage of CLC.


Chinese language courses for international students (2021-2022)
2nd semester timetable


Voluntary Putonghua courses for local undergraduates (2020-2021)
Summer semester timetable

CHIN6001 is scheduled on 8/9, 15/9, 29/9, 6/10, 20/10, 27/10 (Wednesday), 17:30-19:20 at CPD-LG.17.


1st Semester timetable

2nd Semester timetable


CHIN6003 is scheduled on Friday, 17:30-18:50 at CPD-LG.59 (Students of this full-year course shall consult with the course coordinator Dr. S.M. Leung (Email: about their schedule of seminar presentation.)


Last updated: 2021/07/19