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清代廣東地方志粵方言詞的書寫 The Writing of Cantonese Words in Guangdong Local Records of Qing Dynasty


2021/22 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



The Writing of Cantonese Words in Guangdong Local Records of Qing Dynasty 


Speaker: Miss HUNG Yee Tung

Date & Time: May 20, 2022 (Fri) 5:30-6:45pm

Language: Putonghua & Cantonese

Mode of Delivery: 100% Online (via Zoom)


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Meeting ID: 917 7167 4507

Password: 963435




One of the importance of Guangdong local records of the Qing Dynasty is that they contain irreplaceable written Cantonese resources for the study of Cantonese words. Guangdong local records are encyclopedic sets of books recorded various features of the places in Guangdong at the time, including foundational descriptions of Cantonese, the form of language named after this province and popularly used by its people in several areas. These historical documents are irreplaceable on account of their unique data from a particular area and time. The written Cantonese information provided are not likely to be found in other text references, or even other local records. However, the selection and verification methods of the Cantonese resources from these cultural heritages should be considered. First, how the resources were selected from the enormous contents of Cantonese is questionable. The rationales behind their acceptance into the local records were most probably determined by the nature of these books and the purposes of their editors. This may affect the usage of these Cantonese materials in the study, and thus deserve serious investigation. Second, how they were verified is also uncertain. As a result of their uniqueness, the identification of editors and sources of Cantonese information would be not only a real effort but also an inevitable process. These two questions will need careful consideration during the study.




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