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[POSTPONEMENT]肺病的「死後生命」:當代中國肺病書寫的階級性呈現(1949-1990s) The “Afterlife” of Lung Disease: Class Representation of Contemporary Chinese Lung Disease Writing (1949-1990s)




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We would like to inform you that the student seminar originally scheduled to be held on Dec 7 will be POSTPONED until further notice.


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School of Chinese



2022/23 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



The “Afterlife” of Lung Disease: Class Representation of Contemporary Chinese Lung Disease Writing (1949-1990s)


Speaker: Ms. CHU Hoi Yan


Date & Time: December 7, 2022 (Wed) 5:30-6:45pm


Venue: CPD-3.29, Central Podium Level 3, The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Language: Putonghua


Mode of Delivery: 100% Face-to-face





The image of lung disease has become eye-catching in recent years due to the pandemic of COVID-19. While this image was prevalent in European and Chinese literature before the mid-twentieth century, it decreased significantly after 1949 to the extent that certain scholars claim its extinction. Despite the decline and marginalization of literary representations of lung disease, it is still depicted in both Maoist and reform-era literature, demonstrating special features of the contemporary Chinese context, especially concerning class representation, which might be a fruit of Maoist class-based politics and the changing sociopolitical condition during the reform period.

To comprehensively understand this uniqueness, this study adopts a text-centered interdisciplinary methodology, analyzing the class narration in Maoist and reform-era lung disease writings while embracing materials from medical, political, social, and cultural fields. This presentation will briefly introduce the condition of contemporary lung disease writing, and then analyze the bourgeois and soldiers with lung diseases as two examples, which will reveal how the genealogy of lung disease narratives experiences transformation when encountering the unique context of contemporary China.


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