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[活動回放]對比較文學中國學派與中國電影學派話語的反思 Reflections on the Discourses of a Chinese School of Comparative Literature and a Chinese School of Film







School of Chinese Seminar


Reflections on the Discourses of

a Chinese School of Comparative Literature and a Chinese School of Film



Speaker: Prof. Sheldon LU 魯曉鵬 (UC Davis)

Moderator: Dr. Geng SONG 宋耕 (HKU)


Date & Time: August 30, 2023 (Wed) 11:00am-12:30nn

Language: English

Venue: CRT-7.30, 7/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Meeting ID: 966 1432 9473

Password: 961041


This lecture traces the origins, development, and ramifications of two influential discourses in contemporary Chinese literary and film studies: a “Chinese school of comparative literature” and a “Chinese school of film.” While the former originated in the 1970s and continues to the present, the latter has emerged in recent years. There are similarities between the two. The lecture offers an assessment of the possible strengths and contributions of these ideas and also points out their theoretical inconsistency and blind spots. While such discourses attempt to rightfully overcome Eurocentric tendencies and promote indigenous traditions in academia, they create a new set of problems and dilemmas at the same time.

Sheldon Lu is Distinguished Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of California at Davis where he has served as Department Chair of Comparative Literature, Director of Graduate Program of Comparative Literature, and Founding Co-Director of Film Studies. He is the author, editor, and co-editor of some 15 books in English and Chinese on comparative literature, Chinese literature, and films studies.  His recent books include Contemporary Chinese Cinema and Visual Culture: Envisioning the Nation (2021); Lyric Poetry and Solidarity Society in Hong Kong in the 1950s 一九五〇年代香港詞壇與堅社 (2022, in Chinese); Ecology and Chinese-Language Cinema: Reimagining a Field (2020, co-editor).



1) The seminar will be conducted primarily in a face-to-face mode; Those who cannot attend the seminar in-person could apply for online participation (via Zoom) with justifications;

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