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Certificate in Chinese Language Courses for Foreign Students

The Chinese Language Centre

Known for the teaching excellence of its staff and the exceptionally high standards of performance of its students, the Chinese Language Centre (CLC) offers a wide range of highly popular courses, including a two-year Certificate Course in Chinese Language for foreign students (public course), Putonghua courses for professionals, Cantonese courses for Mainland and foreign HKU students, as well as Chinese language and cultural courses for international students. By taking advantage of Hong Kong’s position as the cultural cross-roads between the East and the West, the Centre strives to be a world-class hub for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and an international institute for research and collaboration in the promotion of Chinese heritage and cross-cultural exchange.


Certificate in Chinese Language Courses

The Certificate Course in Chinese Language may be taken in the Putonghua stream or the Cantonese stream. Its curriculum extends over two years comprised of three terms each year with 15 hours per week.


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Ms Amy Ho


Tel: 852-3917 8938