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[活動回放]世界的張愛玲與張愛玲的世界 Worlding Eileen Chang and Eileen Chang's World







張愛玲研究新方向講座系列之圓桌會談 New Directions in Eileen Chang Studies Lecture Series (Round Table Discussion)

Co-hosted by School of Chinese and Department of Comparative Literature, HKU

Co-sponsored by Louis Cha Fund for Chinese studies & East/West studies in the Faculty

& Center for the Study of Globalization and Culture (CSGC)



Worlding Eileen Chang and Eileen Chang's World


分享嘉賓 Speaker: 何杏楓 教授  Prof. HOYAN Hang Fung Carole & 黃念欣 教授 Prof. WONG Nim Yan 

主持兼與談人 Moderator & Discussant: 林姵吟 Dr. LIN Pei-yin


Date & Time: February 7, 2023 (Tue) 16:30-18:30pm

Language: Putonghua

Venue: Level 2 Multi-Purpose Area (Ingenium), Main Library, Main Campus, HKU

Meeting ID: 975 2362 2869

Password: 803808


講題一:「把我包括在外」: 張愛玲作為世界作家

Topic #1: “Include Me Out”: Reading Eileen Chang as a World Literature Author




Eileen Chang was enthusiastic to go into the world and to become a cultural mediator in her early years, expressing that it is important to get famous early. However, she led a reclusive life in her old age and would like to be included out. How do we understand her “hypercanonicity” in modern Chinese literature and her obscurity in world literature? This talk re-examines the case of Chang as a cultural translator and mediator with the notion of “world literature,” in order to open new discussion for the study of Eileen Chang and Sinophone literature.


簡介:何杏楓  香港中文大學中國語言及文學系教授、雅禮中國語文研習所所長。專著包括《重探張愛玲:改編‧翻譯‧研究》、《重訪中國現代文學:細讀‧數據‧接受》。最近關注「世界中」的中國現代文學,曾發表論文〈「把我包括在外」:張愛玲作為世界作家〉。其他與張愛玲相關文章包括〈錯置與暫借:張愛玲及其衣飾〉和〈最後,點心便在咖啡裏溶化:張愛玲的飲食〉等。


Carole Hang-fung HOYAN is Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and Director of the Yale-China Chinese Language Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the author of Re-investigating Eileen Chang: Adaptation, Translation and Research and Re-visiting Modern Chinese Literature: Close Reading, Data and Reception. She has recently focused on the study of the worlding of modern Chinese literature and has published various articles on Eileen Chang including “‘Include Me Out’: Reading Eileen Chang as a World Literature Author,” “Misplacement and Borrowing: Eileen Chang’s Clothing and Accessories” and “Finally, the Dim Sum Melted in the Coffee: Eileen Chang’s Food and Drink.




Topic #2: The Heaven and Earth of a Middlebrow Writer: Eileen Chang and Tian Di magazine (1943-1945)




Tian Di (Heaven and Earth) magazine was established by Su Qing during the occupied era of Shanghai. Su made an impact on the literary scene with earthly everyday trivialities and women issues including sex, marriage, and work, to heavenly issues such as ethics, morals, and politics. Eileen Chang made a unique contribution to the magazine as well as the middlebrow culture it represents. Rereading Chang’s work and Tian Di help redefining the middlebrow at its best an excellent vehicle for an artistic critique of social and political life from a woman’s perspective.


簡介:黃念欣  香港中文大學中國語言及文學系副教授,香港文學研究中心主任。著有《晚期風格︰香港女作家三論》、散文集《夕拾朝花》。最近研究女性文學與中額文化(middlebrow culture)的關係,對張愛玲的衣食住行與「物質性」深感興趣,曾發表〈食與寫——張愛玲散文中的飲食表述與邊緣性〉、〈一縷芳魂——張愛玲小說的配香筆記〉及〈張愛玲與香港的中額文化(Middlebrow Culture)〉等相關文章。


Wong Nim-yan is an associate professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the director of the Hong Kong Literature Research Centre at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has recently focused on the study of middlebrow literature and has written on the materiality of Eileen Chang’s works in various articles including “The Marginality of Eating and Writing of Eileen Chang’s Essays”, “Notes on Perfume-pairing Eileen Chang’s Novels” and “Eileen Chang’s and Middlebrow Culture in Hong Kong”.




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Upcoming event of the lecture series:


Scholar Seminar

Title: 上海和台灣報刊中的「張愛玲」想像

The Imagination of “Eileen Chang” by Newspapers in Shanghai and Taiwan

Speaker: 梁慕靈博士  Dr. LEUNG Mo-Ling, Rebecca (HKMU)

Moderator: 黃心村 教授  Prof. Nicole HUANG

Date & Time: March 8, 2023 (Wed) 16:30-18:00

Venue: CPD-1.21

Language: Putonghua