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契丹遼朝水軍建置的考釋 Research on the Naval Force in the Liao Dynasty


2022/23 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



Research on the Naval Force in the Liao Dynasty


Speaker: Mr. LEUNG Yeuk Yu


Date & Time: February 24, 2023 (Fri) 5:30-6:45pm


Venue: CPD-3.29, Central Podium Level 3, The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU


Language: Putonghua


Mode of Delivery: 100% Face-to-face




Due to the influence of the concept "the navy from the south and the cavalry from the north", the navy of the Liao Dynasty (907-1125) did not receive the attention it deserved in the past. Recently, several related research with fruitful results have been launched and the existing gaps have been filled up. However, the research often ties the earliest record of the Liao Dynasty navy to the third year of Yingli (953) of Emperor Muzong. It is because in that year a Khitan general Zhang Zangying surrendered to the Later Zhou (951-960) regime with his “navy”, which seems to prove that the Khitan had a large-scale navy at that time. However, it is doubtful after analysis. There are three reasons for this: 1. Zhang Zangying’s surrender process and its results were exaggerated by later historical records; 2. The “navy” under Zhang Zangying’s command was just assembled by the boats for the salt industry but not the armed warships; 3. After Zhang Zangying surrendered to the Later Zhou, he was mainly responsible for the land combats but not the naval combats. Therefore, Khitan did not have a large-scale water combat force at that time.


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