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Translation Against Linearity: Rhizome, Lines, Serendipity, And Translation Studies 以翻譯對抗單一線性:塊莖、線條、機緣偶遇和翻譯研究


2023/24 School of Chinese Research Seminar


Translation Against Linearity: Rhizome, Lines, Serendipity, And Translation Studies



Speaker: Dr. Ye Tian 田野博士


Date: Tuesday, 21 November 202

Time: 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM


Venue: Room 7.30, Run Run Shaw Tower, HKU


Language: English



This talk aims to reconceptualize the development of Translation Studies (TS) as non-linear and non-categorical, introducing the concepts of rhizome, lines, and serendipity into the field.

TS has traditionally followed a dendrogramic approach to developing and managing knowledge, a legacy of the epistemological traditions adopted from Holmes. However, if we recognise that TS must extend beyond language transfers (Marais 2019) and acknowledge the ubiquity of translationality (Blumczynski 2018, 2023), we see the need for a new understanding of translation.

The talk will propose a rhizomatic epistemology to grasp the interdisciplinarity inherent in translation. Drawing on Tim Ingold's (2007) notion of 'lines', it will envision translation as a practice of wayfaring and map-sketching, distinct from the maps outlined by Holmes and Toury (1995). A rhizomatic approach, which contrasts with a dendrogram structure, recognizes entanglements of lines without clear beginnings or ends, emphasizing the emergence of multiplicity, segmentation, and reconnection – characteristics of serendipity. The talk will use the research on the concept of 'heritage' as an example to outline a potential interdisciplinary research agenda.

本講座以塊莖、線條和機緣偶遇為理論根基,旨在重構翻譯研究發展路徑,關注非線性、非範疇化的翻譯研究。翻譯研究自霍爾姆斯和圖裡起,就以樹狀結構規範自己的知識生產。但是,如果我們要把翻譯研究從語言中心論中解放出來(如Marais 2019),承認翻譯性無處不在(Blumczynski 2018,2023),我們就需要新的認識翻譯的路徑。





Dr. Ye Tian is a lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Manchester. Ye Tian is interested in theoretical and practical insights of translation. His research interest lies in semiotics, translation theories, and ethics. He is a founding member of the Translation Academy and the organiser of its monthly academic Saloon.