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韓流陰柔男性氣概與性別身份賦權——香港粉絲的接受研究 K-pop Soft Masculinity and its Gender Identity Empowerment: A Reception Study among Hong Kong Fans


2023/24 School of Chinese Research Student Seminar



K-pop Soft Masculinity and its Gender Identity Empowerment: A Reception Study among Hong Kong Fans


Speaker: Miss Tsang Yuk Ting 曾鈺婷 (MPhil)
Date & Time: March 22, 2024 (Fri) 17:30-18:45pm
Language: English
Venue: CPD-3.01, Central Podium Level 3, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU
Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face










Despite the rising popularity of male K-pop idols, the scholarly research on their portrayal of various masculinities remains underexplored. This research, therefore, focuses on two central questions by conducting in-depth interviews with young Hong Kong fans: What aspects of K-pop masculinity do these fans find appealing and how do they interpret it? Moreover, how does their engagement with K-pop masculinity influence and strengthen their gender identities?


Firstly, recognizing fans’ agency to interpret texts in ways that resonate with their desires, this study reveals that the informants are primarily drawn to the innovative integration of feminine aesthetics and personas by male K-pop idols. Nonetheless, their reception is not without its caveats, often constrained by prevailing prejudices against effeminate men. Consequently, the term “K-pop Soft Masculinity” is coined to elucidate the fan-based interpretation of idol masculinity, emphasizing its gentler aspects while concurrently resisting complete feminization.


Following this, the conversation explores how the informants’ construed notions of K-pop soft masculinity allow them to navigate and inform their gender identities. Set against the backdrop of enduring traditional hegemonic masculinity in Hong Kong, the discussion initially compares the empowerment experiences of female and male informants. It then delves into the complexities of intersectionality within these gender cohorts, dissecting first the internal factors before examining the external factors that influence empowerment levels.


Through the narratives of young Hong Kong fans, this study endeavors to spotlight the emergence of alternative masculinity that diverges from hegemonic masculinity archetypes and critically assess the personal and societal impediments they encounter.

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