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[活動回放]《異鄉記》中的多維風景 Layered Landscapes in Chronicle of a Strange Land







張愛玲研究新方向講座系列 New Directions in Eileen Chang Studies Lecture Series
Co-hosted by School of Chinese and Department of Comparative Literature, HKU
Co-sponsored by Louis Cha Fund for Chinese studies & East/West studies in the Faculty
& Center for the Study of Globalization and Culture (CSGC) 



Layered Landscapes in Chronicle of a Strange Land


分享嘉賓 Speaker: 吳曉東 教授 Prof. WU Xiaodong (Peking U) 

主持人 Moderator: 林姵吟 教授 Prof. LIN Pei-yin (HKU) 


日期時間 Date & Time: April 25, 2024 (Thu) 16:30-18:00pm

語言 Language: 普通話 Putonghua


地點 Venue: KK102, K.K. Leung Building, Main Campus, HKU


Meeting ID: 983 8752 1514

Password: 187646


摘要 Abstract:

廿一世紀才得以面世的《異鄉記》雖是張愛玲的一部殘稿,卻也是爐火純青之作,既呈現出遊記散文的樣貌,也涵容了豐沛的小說性。 而其文體前所未有的雜糅性和不定性,則寓意著文本的未完成性,產生了多維度的闡釋空間。本次講座從釐析《異鄉記》的文體特徵入手,透視張愛玲在異鄉書寫過程中所內涵的風景認知裝置,以及對人情世態的犀利而冷峻的審視目光,進而探討《異鄉記》所傳達 的「中國」感受,勾勒張愛玲「中國體驗」的嬗變歷程。 最後嘗試整合文本敘事、隱喻修辭、詩性語言等諸種詩學向度,彰顯《異鄉記》在張愛玲創作生涯中的獨特性。 


Eileen Chang’s incomplete manuscript Chronicle of a Strange Land was posthumously published in 2010. Originally written in 1946, Chronicle is structured like a travelogue but unfolds like a fiction narrative. Its incompleteness and stylistic hybridity lead to multiple readings. This lecture begins with a stylistic analysis of the narrative, followed by a discussion of how an internal landscape is materialized as the narrative progresses. In a land of strangeness, a particular “Chineseness” comes into shape, observed through a sharp and stern gaze, and realized in a metaphorical and, at times, poetic language. This lecture defines the uniqueness of Chronicle in the context of Eileen Chang’s entire writing career. 


講者簡介 About the Speaker:

吳曉東 北京大學中文系教授,主要研究領域為中國現代文學,大量的專著和編著中的代表作品有:《陽光與苦難》、《象徵主義與中國現代文學》、《從卡夫卡到昆德拉》、《二十世紀外國小說專題》、《鏡花水月的世界》、《二十世紀的詩心》、《一九三〇年代的滬上文學風景》、《臨水的納蕤思:中國現代派詩歌的藝術母題》、《記憶的神話》、《文學性的命運》等等。


WU Xiaodong is Professor of Modern Chinese Literature at Peking University. He is the prolific author and editor of dozens of monographs and editions including the following: Sunlight and SufferingSymbolism in Modern Chinese LiteratureFrom Kafka to KundelaCase Studies of Twentieth-Century NovelsThe World Through the Looking GlassThe Zeitgeist of Twentieth-Century PoetryThe Literary Landscape in 1930s ShanghaiNarcissus at the Water: A Study of Motifs in Modern Chinese PoetryThe Myth of MemoriesThe Destiny of Literariness, and many more.  



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