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[活動回放]何以還魂:將張愛玲譯歸中文的經驗反思 Impersonating Eileen Chang: A Translator’s (Im)possible Task of Bringing Home Her English Works







張愛玲研究新方向講座系列 New Directions in Eileen Chang Studies Lecture Series
Co-hosted by School of Chinese and Department of Comparative Literature, HKU
Co-sponsored by Louis Cha Fund for Chinese studies & East/West studies in the Faculty
& Center for the Study of Globalization and Culture (CSGC) 



Impersonating Eileen Chang: A Translator’s (Im)possible Task of Bringing Home Her English Works


分享嘉賓 Speaker: 鄭遠濤 先生 Mr. Silvano ZHENG

主持人 Moderator: 黃心村 教授 Prof. Nicole HUANG (HKU) 


日期時間 Date & Time: May 13, 2024 (Mon) 16:30-18:00pm

語言 Language: 普通話 Putonghua


地點 Venue: CRT-7.30, 7/F, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU (UPDATED)


Meeting ID: 913 7271 0044

Password: 201351 


摘要 Abstract:


This seminar intersects key areas of Eileen Chang’s existence as a bilingual writer from a unique empirical perspective by trying to answer the question:  How did a male translator tackle the complicated mission of rendering her English works in a Chinese style that would possibly be seen as approximating her own, with at least some hallmarks of the unmatchable master? Reflecting on his translations of Chang over the years, including the novella “The Young Marshal,” a speech, an essay and letters, the speaker will cite examples and tell anecdotes that occurred in the process of his bittersweet job, revealing how despite a translator’s ideally “invisible” role, certain elements of his person could seep into the drafts before the occasion arose for rectification and fine-tuning, often with insight from collaborators, to precisely mirror probable authorial intentions. If Chinese is Chang’s ultimate homeland, her siren call for homeward translation will never cease. Perhaps a translation voyage thus directed is only bound for a phantom isle in Chang’s literary terrain but even so, it is a space full of what George Steiner named “the liberating power of the word.”


講者簡介 About the Speaker:

鄭遠濤  譯書寫作的人,英文系畢業,曾獲兩屆梁實秋文學獎翻譯類獎項。生於廣州,現居三藩市灣區。少年時癡迷張愛玲作品,30歲左右得到將英文張著翻譯為中文的機緣,譯出《少帥》,後來參與兩卷本《張愛玲往來書信集》所涉譯事。其他譯著有西洋歷史小說亞歷山大三部曲、《奧古斯都》,約翰·伯格的《到婚禮去》等。近年因戀上巴西音樂而學習葡萄牙語。

Silvano Zheng is a literary translator and writer with a degree in English. Two-time winner of the prestigious Liang Shih-chiu Translation Award from Taiwan. Born in Guangzhou, he lives in Berkeley, California. Aficionado of Eileen Chang’s oeuvre since his adolescence, at 30 he undertook an assignment to translate the late master’s English works into Chinese, a project that resulted in The Young Marshal and other volumes. Zheng’s translations also include Mary Renault’s Alexander trilogy, John Williams’ novel Augustus, and John Berger’s To the Wedding.  He is now learning Portuguese for the love of Brazilian music. 



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