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Dr. YEUNG Man Shun 楊文信博士

Chinese History and Culture Programme

Senior Lecturer

BA (HK), MPhil (HK), DLitt (Kyoto)



Rm 710, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Date Title


“Bridging the Pure Land and the Human World: The Publishing Priests, Printing Enterprise, and Social Network of the Canton Temple Haichuang during the Qing Dynasty” 淨土接紅塵——清代廣州海幢寺的經僧群體、刻書事業與社會網絡, Chinese Studies 漢學研究, vol. 40, no. 1 (March 2022), pp. 161-225.


“Sightseeing, Recreation, Religion, and Literature: The Role of Canton’s Haichuang Buddhist Temple in China-West Relations, 1750–1900”, Ming Qing Studies 2021, pp. 151-200 (November 2021).


“Retrospective of 20th Century Studies of Shitong: A Focus on Knowledge of Its Editions and the History of Its Transmission and Reception” 20 世紀における『史通』学の回顧―版本知識.伝承と受容の歴史を中心に, East Asian Studies 東アジア研究, Vol. 68 (January 2018), pp. 15-28.


“About Benjamin Bowen Carter’s (1771-1831) Xiuxiang hongmao fanzi (Illustrations of the Writing Methods of the Red-haired People)” 關於咖咑的《繡像紅毛番字》, in Caroline Frank ed., Asia-Pacific in the Making of the Americas: Asia-Pacific in the Making of the Americas: Toward a Global History (Scalar journal)