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Dr. LEUNG Shuk Man 梁淑雯博士

Chinese Language and Literature Programme

Assistant Professor & UG Programme Coordinator of HKGS

BA (HKBU), MA (CUHK), MPhil (HKBU), PhD (Lond)



Rm 853, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Cultural Cold War in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Literature, Late Qing Fiction, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Print Culture in Greater China

梁淑雯博士,香港大學中文學院助理教授。在2018年加盟香港大學前,梁博士曾先後擔任嶺南大學中文系講師及高級講師,及香港理工大學中國文化學系助理教授,教授本科生和碩士生中國現當代文學、香港文學及媒體寫作。梁博士曾於2010年到訪國立臺灣大學作研究訪問。著有中英文學術論文,並參與翻譯《劍橋中國文學史》。她的研究專業為 1)晚清與中國現代文學;2)香港文學及文化;3)疾病書寫與中國當代小說。目前她正在進行 ECS 研究計劃:「想像香港人的身份:香港報刊上的「文革」話語研究,1966-1976」以及撰寫有關晚清烏托邦小說的書稿。


梁淑雯博士講授的本科課程有CHIN 2172/HKGS 2014 香港文學, CHIN 1121/HKGS 1002 中國當代文學導論 和 CHIN 2184/HKGS 2015 從大眾媒體看香港 。此外,她曾任MA、MPhil及 PhD論文導師。


Leung Shuk Man (PhD, SOAS, London, 2013) is an assistant professor of the School of Chinese. Prior to joining HKU in 2018, Dr. Leung was initially a lecturer and then a senior lecturer in the Department of Chinese at Lingnan University and was an assistant professor in the Department of Chinese Culture at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, where she taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Hong Kong literature and media writing. She was also a visiting fellow at National Taiwan University in 2010. Dr. Leung has published in Chinese and English and co-translated The Cambridge History of Chinese Literature. Her research interests focus on 1) late Qing and modern Chinese literature; 2) Hong Kong literature and culture and 3) illness writing in contemporary Chinese Fiction. Her current research and publication projects include an ECS project on “Imagining a Hong Kong Identity: A Study of Chinese Cultural Revolution Discourse in Hong Kong Newspapers and Journals, 1966-1976” and a book project on late Qing utopian novels.


Dr. Leung’s undergraduate courses are CHIN 2172/HKGS 2014 Hong Kong Literature, CHIN 1121/HKGS 1002 Introduction to Contemporary Chinese Literature and CHIN 2184/HKGS 2015 Understanding Hong Kong though Mass Media. She has also supervised MA, MPhil and PhD students in her areas of expertise.