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Ms. HUNG Pik Yi Betty 孔碧儀女士

Chinese Language Enhancement Programme

Assistant Lecturer




Rm 705, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

孔碧儀女士,2007年開始在香港大學中文學院中文增補課程擔任助理講師,專責廣東話課程,精比較普通話、廣東話的語音、文法和文化背景差異。 孔女士早於1990年已於香港大學漢語中心兼職語文教師,指導外國人學習廣東話和書寫中文,並曾在香港主要專上學院兼職執教,包括香港中文大學,香港科技大學和英國文化協會。孔女士以中文和英文在海內外出版了大量廣東話教材和詞典、普通話教材,還有介紹香港風俗文化的著作。


Miss Betty Hung joined the School of Chinese, HKU in 2007 as an assistant lecturer in Chinese Language Enhancement Programme, specializing in teaching Cantonese to Mandarin speaking students, comparing the phonology, grammar and cultural differences of these two languages. She was previously part-time language instructor in Chinese Language Centre at The University of Hong Kong since 1990. She has also taught in major institutes in Hong Kong, including The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, British Council.  Miss Hung has published widely in both Chinese and English on Cantonese textbooks, dictionaries, Mandarin textbooks, and Hong Kong customs and culture.