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Dr. YEUNG Wing On Henri 楊永安博士

P/T Teaching Staff

Honorary Associate Professor

LLB (Peking), BA (HK), MPhil (HK), PhD (HK)


Henri W.O. Yeung graduated in School of Chinese(formerly Dept. of Chinese)in 1980, he continued his studies until 1987 and obtained a PH.D. degree in Chinese History. He became a professorial teaching staff since 1988 and is now an associate professor in Chinese History and Culture Programme. His research interest focus on civilization and cultural History of Imperial China; Chinese eroticism; religious Daoism and popular religious of traditional China; regional History of South China, Hong Kong and S.E. Asia; migration history of overseas Chinese in S.E. Asia and Australia, political history; dynastic history on Sui T’ang China (581-907), Ming China (1368-1644) etc. Dr. Yeung is currently one of the investigator for “ Annals of Hong Kong in Qing Period”(《清史香港志》) supported by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, The National Committee for the Compilation of Qing History, China.