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Dr. FUNG Kam Wing 馮錦榮博士

P/T Teaching Staff

Honorary Associate Professor

BA (HK), Dip (Osaka University of Foreign Studies), M Litt. (Kyoto), D Litt. (Kyoto)



Dr K W Fung has been serving as research academic at a number of institutions such as Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at the Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University, Japan; Visiting Research Professor at Center of Excellence, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan; Senior Research Fellow at Asian Division, Library of Congress, U.S.A.; Zhu Kezhen History of Science Visiting Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.  He is currently an Associate Professor at School of Chinese, HKU; Institute Fellow and Honorary Associate Professor at Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Incorporating the Centre of Asian Studies), HKU and Advisor of Hong Kong Space Museum. Dr Fung’s research interests include: history of science and technology in East Asia (i.e. China, Japan, Korea and Ryukyu); history of scientific instruments and cartographical prints; history of Jesuit science; history of Islamic science; history of Chinese philosophy and scholarship; intellectual history and culture in modern China; history of Chinese classics (with special reference to the Book of Changes); cultural history in medieval China; history of Chinese languages; history of cultural exchange between China and the West; history of printing culture in East Asia; history of Hong Kong; Japanese religion and intellectual history, from the Edo period to modern era. He is conducting research projects including ‎‎“Imperial Patronage and Transfer of Islamic Astronomical-astrological knowledge ‎in Ming China (1368-1644)” (Research Grants Council of Hong Kong funded GRF project) and “History of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and Engineering Development in Hong Kong (1842-1975)” (HKIE funded research project). His teaching engagements at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels comprise: CHIN1202 An Introduction to the Study of Chinese History, CHIN1203 Chinese History and Culture in the Twentieth Century, CHIN1207 Traditional Chinese Culture, CHIN2231 Religious Daoism and popular religions in China, CHIN2222 History of the Wei, Jin and the Northern-and-Southern Periods, CHIN 2243 History of Chinese science and civilization, CHIN2255 Intellectual history of China (Part I), CHIN2254 Christianity and Chinese culture, CHIN6007 Imperial China: Thematic Studies, CHIN7001 Materials and Methodology, CHIN6009 Intellectual Development in Traditional China, CHIN6010 Intellectual Development in Twentieth Century China and CHIN6310 Special Topics in Confucian Classics. Dr Fung also offers postgraduate thesis supervision in MA, M Phil and PhD programmes at School of Chinese, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (Incorporating the Centre of Asian Studies) and Department of Architecture.