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Dr. YEUNG Man Shun 楊文信博士

Chinese History and Culture Programme

Senior Lecturer

BA (HK), MPhil (HK), DLitt (Kyoto)



Rm 710, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Date Title


“Buddhist-Christian Encounters: Robert Morrison and the Haichuang Buddhist Temple in Nineteenth-Century Canton”, in Lars Peter Laamann and Joseph Tse-Hei Lee eds., The Church as Safe Haven: Christian Governance in China (Leiden: Brill, 2018), pp. 71-100.


“Huicui Zhong-Xi, duoyuan gongneng: lun chonggou Qingchao zhonghouqi Haichuang si lishi de qidian” 薈萃中西.多元功能——論重構清朝中後期海幢寺歷史的起點 (Chinese-Meets-Western and Multifunctionality: Starting to Rebuild the History of Haichuang Buddhist Temple in the Mid-Late Qing Dynasty), in Shi Xincheng 釋新成 and Shi Guangxiu 釋光秀 eds., Haiwai wenxian yu Haichuang si wenhua yanjiu 海外文獻與海幢寺文化研究 (Researches on the Overseas Literature and Culture of Haichuang Temple) (Beijing: Zhoungguo da baike quanshu chubanshe, 2018), pp. 173-193.


“China-US Trade in Early 19th Century Canton: With Reference to Benjamin B. Carter’s List of Chinese Glossaries at the US Library of Congress” 19世紀初葉中、美兩國的廣州貿易——從美國國會圖書館藏咖咑的漢語詞匯短語集談起, in Chao-Ming Liu ed., 西灣.香江論學集 (Collection of Essays from Sizih Bay and Victoria Harbour) (Kaohsiung: Department of Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-sen University, 2016), pp. 337-368.


“Translation and Diplomacy: A Re-examination of the Exchange of Letters between US President John Tyler and Chinese Emperor Daoguang” 翻譯與外交——泰祿總統《國書》與道光帝《璽書》贈答再考, in M. J. Ko ed., Collected Essays of the 2013 International Conference on Pre-Modern Chinese Language 2013年近現代中國語文國際學術研討會論文集 (Taichung: Wu-Nan Book Inc., 2015), pp. 193-227.