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Dr. SIU King Wai 蕭敬偉博士

Chinese Language and Literature Programme

Senior Lecturer & Programme Coordinator of MACLL

BA, MPhil, PhD (HK)



Rm 854, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

Ancient Chinese Classics, Cantonese Studies

蕭敬偉博士,香港大學中文學院高級講師兼中國語言文學文科碩士課程統籌。香港大學哲學博士。先後任教於香港城市大學及嶺南大學,2012年9月起任教於香港大學中文學院。主要研究範圍包括古文獻學和粵方言。講授本科課程科目包括CHIN1116“現代漢語通論”、CHIN2139“聲韻學”、CHIN2170“《左傳》導讀”,文科碩士課程科目包括CHIN6301“經學專題研究”、CHIN7102“粵語研究” 、CHIN7104“講論會︰中國語言文學研究”,另擔任中國語言文學文科碩士課程畢業論文導師,以及中文學院學術期刊《大學海》主編。


Dr. SIU King Wai joined the School of Chinese, HKU in 2012 as the programme coordinator of Master of Arts in Chinese Language & Literature (MACLL). His research interests include ancient Chinese classics and Yue dialect. He teaches undergraduate subjects in CHIN1116 “General introduction to modern Chinese language”, CHIN2139 “Chinese phonology”, CHIN2170 “Study of Zuo Zhuan”, and postgraduate subjects in CHIN6301 “Special Topics in Confucian Classics”, CHIN7102 “Studies in Cantonese”, and CHIN7104 “Seminar: Studies in Chinese Language and Literature”. He also supervises MA dissertations and acts as one of the chief editors of Eruditus, an annual academic journal of the School of Chinese.