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The following research postgraduate students of our School are tutors or part-time demonstrators in Academic Year 2021-2022:

Ms. HUI Man Shan 許敏珊女士

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS & Dr. TANG Pui Ling
Cantonese Phonology, Chinese Sociolinguistics, Historical-Comparative Linguistics

Ms. JIANG Jiewei 蔣潔維女士

BA (SHNU), MA (SJTU), PhD student
Dr. WEI Yan & Dr. LEUNG Shuk Man
Female Newspapers and Periodicals, Literature in Late Qing and Early Republican China, Transcultural Studies

Mr. LEE Wa Lun Valente 李華倫先生

BA (HKU), MPhil (HKU), PhD student
Dr. TANG Pui Ling
Chinese Palaeography, Early Chinese Religion and Divination, Manuscript Studies, Mythology, Textual Criticism

Ms. LIANG Shuang 梁爽女士

BA (BNU), MPhil (BNU), PhD student
Dr. LEUNG Shuk Man
Chinese Minority Films, Literature Theory

Ms. LIN Yunrui 林蘊銳女士

BA (ZJU), MPhil student
Dr. YUE Man Cheung Isaac
Late Imperial Chinese Literature, Translation Studies

Ms. LIU Mingyang 劉明洋女士

BA (SYSU), MPhil (SYSU), PhD student
Dr. LIN Pei-yin
Chinese Science Fiction, Cultural Studies, Film Studies