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The following research postgraduate students of our School are tutors or part-time demonstrators in Academic Year 2021-2022:

Ms. MOK Rosly

PhD student
Prof. CHU Yiu Wai Steven

Mr. MOK Tsz Hang Ken 莫梓鏗先生

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. YEUNG Man Shun & Dr. CHAN Wing Ming
Ming History

Ms. QIN Yuxi 秦雨溪女士

BA (FDU), MPhil (FDU), PhD student
Dr. LEUNG Shuk Man
Hong Kong Literature, Sinophone Literature, Space Theory

Mr. SU Xin 蘇鑫先生

BA (PKU), MA (PKU), PhD student
BA (PKU), MA (PKU), PhD student
Contemporary Chinese Literature, Post-80s Writers, Sinophone Literature

Ms. WANG Xintong 王馨桐女士

BJC (NJU), MA (Warwick), PhD student
Dr. SONG Gang
History of Christianity in Imperial China, Marian Devotions and Images

Mr. WANG Yuang 王宇昂先生

BA (HKU), MPhil student
Dr. ZHAO Ming & Prof. Richard Van Ness SIMMONS
Sino-Japanese Loanwords, Chinese Linguistics, Lexicology