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Prof. SONG Gang 宋剛教授

Chinese History and Culture Programme

Associate Professor

BA (Peking), MA (Peking), PhD (S Calif)



Rm 811, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

China-West Cultural Exchanges in History, Christianity in Late Imperial China, Ming-Qing Studies





Dr Song Gang joined the University of Hong Kong in 2008. He is now Associate Professor of Chinese History in the School of Chinese. Previously he taught Chinese history and culture at the University of California (Irvine) and Lafayette College. Dr Song has broad interests in cultural exchanges between China and the West in history, Chinese religions, and Confucian intellectual history, while his research focuses on Catholic Christianity in late imperial China. He has published a monograph on Christian-Confucian dialogism in late Ming China, two edited volumes on the Christian intersection of China and the West in the modern era, and a number of academic articles both in English and in Chinese. The projects that he is currently working on include Chinese Marian devotions in the 17th century (General Research Fund), early Catholic bible translations in China (Hsu Long Sing Fund), and China’s encounters with the West from 1600 to 1900 (Louis Cha Fund). Dr Song teaches the following courses: Topical Studies of Chinese History (CHIN1201), Folklore and Modern Chinese Culture (CHIN1213, HKU-PKU Summer Course), History of China-West Cultural Exchanges (CHIN2268), Ideas and Images of the West in Late Imperial China (CCCH9004, HKU Common Core Course), and Lecture Series: New Perspectives in Research on Chinese Literature and History (CHIN7801, HKU-PKU Postgraduate Summer Course). In addition, he supervises postgraduates (MPhil and PhD) who conduct research on history of Christianity in imperial and modern China.


Starting from March 2022, Dr Song served as the Chief Editor of the HKU Journal of Chinese Studies (formerly Journal of Oriental Studies).