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Dr. SONG Gang 宋剛博士

Chinese History and Culture Programme

Associate Professor

BA (Peking), MA (Peking), PhD (S Calif)



Rm 811, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, HKU

China-West Cultural Exchanges in History, Christianity in Late Imperial China, Ming-Qing Studies

Date Title


“Re-locating the ‘Middle Kingdom’: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Adaptation of Matteo Ricci’s World Map.” In Mapping Asia: Cartographic Encounters Between East and West, edited by Martijn Storms, Mario Cams, Imre Josef Demhardt, and Ferjan Ormeling, 185-206. Basel (Switzerland): Springer International Publishing AG, 2018.


“Yangzi yu hanwen zhijian: Guli, Xin Yizhao Shengjing ji Qingdai ruhua Dongzhengjiao de yijing huodong 洋字與漢文之間:固理、《新遺詔聖經》及清代入華東正教的譯經活動 (Between Foreign Letters and Chinese Scripts: Gury, New Testament, and Orthodox Bible Translation in Qing China).” In You wen ru yi: Zhong-Xi kua wenhua shuxie 由文入藝:中西跨文化書寫 (From Literature to the Arts: Cross-Cultural Writing in China and the West), edited by Sun Shaoyi 孫紹誼 and Chou Shiuh-huah周序樺, 199-222. Taipei: Bookman Books, Ltd., 2017.


“Weiceng kanxing de ‘bu kan zhi dian’: Qing zhongqianqi Tianzhujiao hanyi Shengjing wenxian erzhong kaoshi 未曾刊行的 ‘不刊之典’:清中前期天主教漢譯《聖經》文獻二種考釋 (Unpublished ‘Classics’: A Study on Two Biblical Translations in Mid-Qing China).” In Zongjiao yu lishi: Hanyu wenxian yu Zhongguo Jidujiao yanjiu 宗教與歷史:漢語文獻與中國基督教研究 (Religion and History: Chinese Documents and Studies on Chinese Christianity), edited by Tao Feiya 陶飛亞 and Yang Weihua 楊衛華, 230-274. Shanghai: Shanghai daxue chubanshe, 2016.


“Jiyao yu bense zhijian: Jia Yuming, Wang Mingdao yu Ni Tuosheng sixiang bijiao chuyi 基要與本色之間:賈玉明、王明道與倪柝聲思想比較芻議 (Between Fundamentalism and Localization: A Comparative Study on Theological Thoughts of Jia Yuming, Wang Mingdao and Ni Tuosheng).” In Busi jiu bushing 不死就不生 (No Death, No Rebirth), edited by Lin Shih-hao 林四皓 and Chou Fu-chu 周復初, 336-359. Taipei: CCLM Publishing Group Ltd., 2012.


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“Between Bodhisattva and Christian Deity: Guanyin and the Virgin Mary in Late Ming China.” In The Constant and Changing Faces of the Goddess: Goddess Traditions of Asia, edited by Deepak Shimkhada and Phyllis K. Herman, 101-120. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2008.


“Mapping of an Acentric World: Ferdinand Verbiest’s Kunyu quantu” (co-authored with Paola Demattè). In China on Paper: European and Chinese Works from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Nineteenth Century, edited by Marcia Reed and Paola Demattè, 71-87. Los Angeles: Getty Research Institute, 2007.